Michelle's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****


This is the second book I have read by Rebecca Rohman and I understand this was the first book she wrote, the story is very well written and I made a deep connection with Chella & Mitch throughout the whole story.

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish, the story takes you on a wild journey of twists, betrayal, love and contains lots of emotional drama.

The story contains some very sensitive issues, from serious staking matters to miscarriage, Rebecca has written these subject matters with a lot of thought.

I would recommend this book for those who enjoy a real deep love story that is not straight forward and takes you an amazing emotional ride.

Tina Leonard's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

If your looking for a book that keeps you guessing what's going to happen next. You need to read Uncorked. It has Romance which I Love, Suspense & Drama! This Love story is one roller coaster ride. Mitch & Chella endure many opstical's in their relationship. Some threatening to tear them apart. Chella has avoided being in a relationship for 10 years because of a past relationship. After a break up her Ex Aaron does every thing in his power to keep Chella scared & out of a relationship. But as Chella's feeling get deeper for Mitch she is determined to push him away. She doesn't wasn't anything bad to happen to him & his daughter. Mitch is refuses to leave her. He want's to be there to protect her & keep her safe. Will Chella let Mitch in let her guard down so he can protect her or will she continue to push him away till Aaron is behind bars?

Liz Lawson
4 of 5 Stars ****

Suspense, steamy romance, sexy male, what more can you ask for. Another exciting and steamy story by one of my favourite authors. Chella and Mitch are set up by their friends. Chella had a harrowing 10 years and tries to keep her distance but Mitch won't be put off. Lots of disasters and accidents throughout the story. Mitch is the "red hot lover". Loved the story, page turner from start to finish.

Angela Hamlyn

Absolutely wonderful story to read, so many twists that make you want to pull out your hair, scream, cry and laugh. Chella Noon is one amazing lady, she's gone through so much in her life at the hands of her nasty evil ex Aaron Stewart. Mitch Mariani is such a wonderful guy, perfect for Chella in every way, they have a hard task ahead of them trying to stay together with so many obstacles coming between them, including Mitch's mum Liz. I love the way the Author describes the surroundings so beatifully. I'd definitely recommend this book and will read more by this Author.

Ashley's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

Wow! This book will devour you! This is not just your ordinary romance story. It has suspense, twists and turns and keeps you one the edge of your seat! You feel emotionally connected to the main characters. The story is written very well! I love reading a book that makes you feel every emotion and this book delivered!

The book is about a woman named Chella Noon who keeps to herself, doesn't go out much, works 24/7 and only has a hand full of friends. Her reason in doing so is she hides from her past. She has lost her parents and has suffered from the hands of her crazy psycho boyfriend who stalks her. So she doesn't date and has no love interest because she doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Chella's only two close friends want to see her be happy and live a full life. So they set her up to meet someone, which Chella has no idea what was going on at the time. In walks Mitch. There first night meeting ended with a trip to ER. (You will have to read the story to know why!:)) Anyhow from the first night in meeting Mitch proved to be the perfect guy. He stood by Chella's side when she was being stubborn and when she tried to run. Mitch was such a great guy and stuck it out with Chella although he put his life in risk. You could tell how much he loved and cared for her.

The story will suck you in as you read it! When you think you figured it out something else would happen and that kept me turning the pages to see how it ended. When I said her ex boyfriend is psycho I was not lying! He was sick and twisted!

Needless to say this book had everything in it! Romance, Suspense, Heartache, Happiness and so much more! By the end of the book I felt like I just got off of a roller coaster but loved every minute of the ride!:)
This was my first book to read by Rebecca Rohman and I am a fan!

I look forward to reading more of her books! This book is a stand alone and I HIGHLY recommend it!:)

Maria's review
4 of 5 Stars ««««

Well, never a dull moment in this book.
It was full of suspense. I couldn't wait to pick the book up again too see what happened next.
I was heartwarming, heartbreaking and it was hot and sexy. Chella and Mitch were great characters. Loved the epilogue.

Tracy's Review
4 of 5 stars  ««««

I received this book in exchange for an honest review

I liked this book a lot, it sometimes had me on edge wanting to know what happened and had a lot of OMG did that just happen moments, I loved Mitch he is so good for Chella , this book was exciting with sexy and swoon thrown into the mix well done Rebecca great read recommended to all you romance lovers who like danger and suspense twists.

Cleo's Review
5 of 5 stars «««««

Uncorked is not a typical romance novel. It's full of suspense, and twists and turns. This book kept me on my toes. Just when you thought, you have it all figured out or things would calm down, another piece of the story is revealed and you have to keep going. The emotion between Chella Noon & Mitch Mariani was beautifully written. This book had me shedding tears with the characters. The pressure built just like the pressure in a bottle of good Champagne. Uncorked opened up emotions each character didn't know they had or tried to resist. This is going on my favorites shelf. Well done!!!

Kirstie's Review
5 of 5 Stars*****

A Powerful Story of Retribution. I have to say I really love Ms Rohman's writing style. Each paragraph, sentence and chapter has just enough description to keep you hanging, wanting to read more. Ms Rohman has avoided the angsty backwards and forwards story line where you just want to bang the character's heads together. Don't get me wrong this story is jam packed full of drama, action, love, lust and mystery. But Ms Rohman's writing style kept the story moving without lingering story lines.

Chella Noon has masterfully kept her life nomadic, always moving on when her past catches up with her. That is until she meets Mitch Mariani who turns her methodical well planned life upside down.

Uncorked is a one step forward two paces backwards story for poor Chella. She plays each day trying to maintain a life that is safe. Every time the demons of her past threaten those she loves, instinctively Chella puts a distance between them all in the hope of keeping them safe.

Chella's journey is full of highs and lows, pain and sorrow...but ultimately Uncorked tells the story of one young woman's struggle to exorcise her past, finally find her self worth and her right to love and be loved.

A powerfully told story that shows that closure is always possible no matter what life throws at us. A definite to be added to you To Read List. No disappointment here! Grab your copy now!

Tanya's Review
4 of 5 Stars ****

Uncorked took my emotions for a ride. One minute I’m happy, next I’m so angry I almost through my kindle across the room, but then I would be sad where I felt like bawling my eyes out. There were also times I looked around to make sure no one could read it while I blushed like a school girl.

Rebecca Rohman’s writing makes you feel what they feel, and I think she did real well mixing all those emotions together to make a great story.

I have to say I have a deep book crush on Mitch Mariani! He’s sexy, sweet, and willing to do what it takes to keep his woman. Now Aaron… I can think of a few things I want to do with him, and there not pretty. Chella was pretty cool too, I got a little tired of how she kept pushing Mitch away, but I could understand why.

Uncorked is packed with romance, suspense, and some HOT love-making! I recommend this book to all of you who love a good Romance.

Sabrina Nedelea's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

This book bedazzled me! I loved the characters, especially Mitch. That is a perfect man. He stood right next Chella the entire time, all she did was trying to run. I kind of get her, and the scarred part, but at some point I wanted to get into the story and give her a slap to open her eyes, because she was losing Mitch because of her insanity. Also, Aaron really annoyed me. How could you hurt so many people? Didn't he have a conscience? He was a really sick bastard and he got what he deserved. But the book was magnificent. The whole story captivated me, with all the twists that rarely left me breathing. One second I was thinking, finally some happiness for these two, and the next minute something new happened. These two, Mitch and Chella really suffered from the agony of a mad man. But the love they had, it's impossible to destroy. I wish I could read more books like these, because I really couldn't find a single thing that I didn't like. So, with all this being said, thank you Rebecca Rohman for this great opportunity to read your book! This is one of the books that I want to have on my shelf, to read it whenever I feel the need the most perfectly story ever! I highly recommend this book!

Mina De Caro's Review
4 of 5 Stars ****

Since UNCORKED, romantic suspense novel by Rebecca Rohman , will put you in the right mood for a tęte-ŕ-tęte with your significant other, my thoughts about the book come with 'candlelight dinner' menu and wine pairing. Visit MINA'S BOOKSHELF for an extended review. Enjoy ;) http://minadecaro.blogspot.com/2013/0...

This contemporary debut novel, authored by indie writer Rebecca Rohman, is labeled as "romance with elements of suspense." Well, the label may not adequately describe the intensity and scope of those romantic and suspenseful elements. Apart from being an enjoyable read, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than promised by the concise synopsis and the refined, but not-so-revealing, cover artwork: suspense a-go-go and 'steam' beyond my expectations. With a profusion of well written love scenes (more in the vein of an erotic romance novel), and a sustained use of plot twists (at times predictable but nonetheless engrossing), Uncorked was a solid, well-paced, and engaging read.

My only perplexities about the book (minor issues affecting mainly the first part) regard a certain stiltedness in the dialogues, but they are quite successfully resolved by the author as the story unfolds. Actually, Ms. Rohman takes the emotional intensity of the storyline to a remarkably heart-grabbing level, particularly in the final chapters. I found myself rooting for Chella and Mitch more than I initially thought I would: their love story was sweet, spicy, and 'angsty' enough to entice me and keep me captive from cover to cover. A promising debut.

Jonel Boyko's Review
3 of 5 Stars ***

This was an interesting story that approaches a very difficult topic in a captivating way. I found myself wanting to know more and more about the lives of these interesting characters and the trials that they faced. I was scared for the characters, yet at the same time thrilled to see how much they accomplished, and how well they were able to overcome everything that came at them.

Some of the conversation and dialogue in this novel seems rather forced and unnatural. It is not written the way that real people speak. There were also some spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors that I found to be a little distracting. Also, although this was a really interesting story, I felt that it kept circling through the same events in dilemma, albeit in slightly different ways.

The characters in this novel were in some ways very well developed, and in others, not so much. Their personalities and character traits were very well developed. You got to know them very well and could identify with them. That said, their physical appearances were left almost completely up to the imagination of the reader. I found it rather distracting in a romance novel.

As a whole, this was an interesting novel that I did enjoy reading. It was a nice first out from the author.

Please note that I won this book through Goodreads First Reads program.

Thia Harvey 's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

It kept me wondering. Reading this book kept me curious... so many situations came up that it left me wondering what was going to happen next! I enjoyed the romance and chemistry between the characters. I enjoyed the whole book!

Lisa Matus's Review
4 of 5 Stars ****

Thank you Goodreads giveaway and Rebecca Rohman for the opportunity to read Uncorked. At first I didn't think I was going to like it, however once the plot thickened a little, I enjoyed it. It had enough suspense that I wanted to see how it ended. Was a quick read once I got into the story line.

LH's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

Loved it.  Lots of drama and romance! I was curious about how this story would end. I could not put it down, absolutely loved it!!!

William's Review
5 of 5 Stars *****

Really enjoyed it. Find a quiet spot and sit down with this one. Great story that keeps you engaged and pulls on your emotions. You'll laugh, cry and see things from new perspectives. Well done.