Ashley Jasper's Review
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It was a book club read that brought Rebecca Rohman's work into my life and I am so thankful because this woman can write! Every title she turns out shows an added layer of depth to her writing and this book was no exception. I'm not even sure where to begin to talk about A Problematic Love. It was so much more than a typical romantic suspense novel. There was a depth to the characters and you really felt with and for them. You will recognize the main character, Megan Kole, if you've been following Rohman's work. However, you don't have to have read those books for this one to make sense- but it does give you some good backstory (and the books are all great).

I really liked Megan and how she had built up her life after the totally senseless tragedy that rocked her world years ago. Her world revolves around her job and her son, Zach. That little boy stole my heart with his sweet innocence and joyful spirit. When an unexpected meeting brings Megan face to face with one Daemon Ros everything she thought she knew is put into question. Little did anyone know what this chance encounter will set into motion. But it did bring other characters that I already know and love into the picture. Everyone from Jada to Morgan are a part of this book. I can't adequately put into words all that makes Daemon such a fascinating character. He's intense, broody, reserved, almost cold but he also feels deeply, loves wholly and gives freely. His heart (and mine) was gutted after the event that ultimately brings him and Megan closer together.

Megan's tenacity in her pursuit of finding the truth causes quite the stir and puts a lot of people at risk. Daemon finds himself falling in love for the first time and it was magical to see his hardness soften. These two steam up the sheets and the office and the...well you get the point. It was hot yet tender and so much more than just sex for the both of them. It wasn't just Daemon's relationship with Megan though, it was also the bond he formed with little Zach that changed him. Those two fill a void for the other that they didn't even know was missing. But when the threats keep piling up Daemon does the only thing he knows will keep them safe. I got why he did what he did- but it doesn't mean I liked it or what it meant for everyone.

Of course, in true Rebecca Rohman tradition, all is revealed and no one is left unscathed. What a tangled web of lies and deceit is uncovered. My jaw was on the floor more times that I could count and my mind was spinning with one theory or another and none of them were right. I can honestly say that I didn't see the mastermind behind all the mayhem coming at all. A Problematic Love left wanting so much more. Maybe not of all the mystery and drama but more of Megan and Daemon and little Zach. And that ending was the perfect finale for this cast that I've come to know and love- absolute perfection!

Jenn of Rave and Rant about Raunch's Reviews 
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Rebecca Rohman is one of my go-to authors. She’s an author I don’t even have to think ‘will I? / Won’t I?’ when she’s got a new release coming out. The answer is always YES! Maybe with ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ following that thought! Lol! She always does romance with an edge of suspense so right.

If you’ve been following along with Rebecca’s books then you know we’ve met Megan Kole before. She’s Jonathan’s (Love, Lies & the D.A.) sister and has a familial-like bond with Zoë (Love M.D) but now it’s time for her own story (Don’t worry if you haven’t read all these books, A Problematic Love can be read as a standalone). Megan is a no-nonsense lawyer who is strong and determined when she sets her mind to something. She has a son and has been taking care of him on her own (with the help of family) since he was born. She strives to always put him first, maybe even to the determent of herself a little.

Enter, Daemon Ros, our leading man in this story. He’s a bit mysterious and keeps things close to the vest. He is thrust into Megan Kole’s life when she starts representing his father and uses her determination to get a meeting with him but neither Megan or Daemon was ready for what that meeting would actual reveal. Daemon’s life has been full of loss and the yearning for something he always felt missing and the understanding of the what and whys. Little did he know that meeting Megan Kole would gain him some perspective as well as open up a field of new questions. Daemon is challenging, strong-willed, protective, and loyal. He’s a man who found everything he never knew he wanted in one girl and her little boy.

Let’s talk a little bit about little Zach, Megan’s son. Normally I shy away from romance novels with kids in them. I’m not someone who enjoys reading about them in my storylines (most of the time - there are exceptions). A Problematic Love and little Zach being one of those exceptions. He was one mature little dude and often added a sense of simplistic maturity or logic to situations. He was more like a little man instead of a child who was fiercely protective over his mom. He ended up being a great addition to the supporting cast and I felt my non-kid-friendly-heart melt a few times at his words.

Drama … Intrigue … Suspense … Crafty and well thought out plot lines. You can be damn sure these words can be used to describe the plot of A Problematic Love. The drama is heartfelt and also heartbreaking. The intrigue will keep you guessing and pointing fingers in every direction. The suspense will keep you turning pages until your fingers hurt and your brain is fuzzy from sleepless nights. A Problematic Love is clearly crafty and well thought out with its deep emotion and tangled plot twists. Rebecca Rohman clearly puts thought, sweat, and tears into each and every word she pens to page and it’s a clear reflection of her dedication to her craft.

The ending to A Problematic Love is strong. It’s soul-shattering in a romance kind of way. It’s good and I didn’t see it coming. It exposes an ugly side to the human race while we can still revel in the simple beauty that is love. While Love, Lies, and the D.A. is probably still my favorite Rebecca Rohman novel, I dare say that the ending to A Problematic Love may be this author's finest and powerful ending yet.

Jess's Review
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Megan and Daemon have an interesting first meeting. This initial introduction starts a chain reaction that changes both of their lives forever. The story certainly proves that secrets don't stay buried. The two protagonists are actually very similar in their personalities. Each of them have been living for someone else. They have forgotten to live their lives for themselves. So it is high time that they do something that is just for them. However their love is forbidden. Guilt and outside pressure force them to keep their distance. But it isn't just Megan's family that have issues with her relationship. Dark and sinister forces are lurking about and trying to tear Daemon and Megan apart.

Throughout the story, Daemon suffers a great deal of loss. I swear, the poor guy can't catch a break! But as the story progresses, his luck finally turns for the better. It is most definitely a journey of self-discovery not just for Daemon but for Megan too. After the loss of her fiancé, she needs to find herself once more. To not only be Megan the lawyer or Megan the mother but Megan the woman.

It just goes to prove how invested you become in the story. How much you feel for the characters and their situation. But fret not. There are plenty of giggles and hot-under-the-collar moments too. Daemon is a little bit kinky ;)

*"Kneel on the bed at the foot, facing the headboard, with your thighs apart, and hold on to the posts. I have a present for you."

"What are you going to give me?"

"You said you're open to experimenting, right?"*

Ooo, I wonder what he has planned ;)

Zach, Megan's son is utterly adorable. And I love seeing characters from the other books by Rebecca Rohman. You don't necessarily have to read the others but I highly recommend that you do. The experience will be all the more richer and each one of those books is a delight for the senses.

Ms. Rohman's writing is sophisticated, elegant, witty and a little bit cheeky. Each and every time, her stories take you on a ride of emotions. The writing grips your imagination and touches your soul. Each twist and turn causes your heart to skip a beat and the intimate moments leave you breathless. So much love and care has gone into the story that it flows so effortlessly. You are swept away by the words and cocooned within the story. Ms. Rohman takes hard hitting issues and weaves a tale around it in such a beautiful and sensitive way. She brings to light the darker aspects of life while also showing the good things that also exist in this world. Like family, love and acceptance. This is another fantastic story. Just remember the tissues! Ms. Rohman's novels get better and better each time. I can hardly wait for her next work.

Kylie Lacovich (The Reading Cow)'s Reviews
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I am going to begin this by making a confession and hanging my head in shame... I own ALL of Rebecca Rohman's novels in eBook, both individually and the box sets, but A Problematic Love is the first one that I have actually read. I know, it's SHOCKING! I have heard nothing but great things about Ms. Rohman's stories, and I've read the "tissue" warning many times in reviews by others ;-) But, I'd just never gotten around to reading any of them.

Lately I've found myself getting bored with the "romance" genre. Well I wouldn't exactly say bored. It just seems that in almost every book I read the characters are all in the same age group. Most of them are under 30. And while there is nothing wrong with this, I have found that I want to read something with slightly older characters. After all, I am now closer in age to 40 than what I am to 30! And that's why A Problematic Love was so refreshing for me. The main characters are a little older - Daemon Ros just turned 40!

And now that I've mentioned Daemon Ros...He was a character that I completely sympathized with.

Not only is Daemon gorgeous, wealthy and used to getting what he wants, he is caring, has a soft spot for children and has a tortured soul. While he loves his brother Donovan and donates to many charities and families in need (many times anonymously), he also feels rejected by his parents and other than the love of his brother, had never known what the love of family feels like.

Megan Kole is strong minded and determined. She is a successful lawyer and after losing her fiancé has raised her son Zach on her own. She has coped with her devastating loss by making her life purely about work and her son. Megan has a great family and has known constant love and support, and her family are always there whenever she needs them.

Megan and Daemon's relationship is anything but easy - from the fact that their relationship is seen as forbidden, to the myriad of events that happen throughout their journey to get to where they want to be - they encounter obstacle after obstacle.

A Problematic Love is a story that has it all - action, drama, mystery, adventure, loss, love and some of the best sex scenes that I have EVER read. Ms. Rohman's writing is pure genius. I was hooked from the very first page, and I felt like I was in the story with her characters. I felt EVERY emotion that they did, and experienced every disaster and joy right along with them.

I totally loved the fact that A Problematic Love is in no way predictable. Yes, you can see certain events coming, but just when you think you have a situation figured out, something else will happen to throw your train of thought way off. I loved the twists and turns and every emotion that I felt from the first page to the very end!

Thank you Rebecca Rohman for restoring my faith in a genre that I adore and introducing me to your writing. I am definitely reading all your other works now!

Michelle's Review
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A Problematic Love is a 5* +++ read and the best book I have read by Rebecca Rohman and for me that means a lot because her other books are outstanding!

Megan Kole has been through hell and still mourns the loss of her beloved fiancée but always keeps strong for her son Zach who she has built her world around. Megan is a strong independent feisty woman who has had a strong family network supporting her always.

Daemon Ros is a self-made billionaire who has never felt loved by his parents and never shown love or opened himself up to anyone expect his brother Donavan. Daemon is a cold man who works hard and never shows weakness and never allows anyone too close.

The unexpected twists that take place when Megan transfers to Seattle left my head spinning, the first twist happens very early in the book and the betrayal, twists and horrors slowly unfold throughout.

A Problematic Love has it all, shocks, unexpected dark twists, hurt, love, steamy hot/kinky scenes ~ I laughed, ugly cried and fanned myself throughout this story.

I read a lot of books and this one is written to the highest standards, it flows brilliantly, kept me hooked and what you think is going to happen doesn't. If you have not read anything by this author I cannot stress enough how much you are missing out on a truly talented author.

A Problematic Love can be read has a standalone but for me I felt more connected to the characters because I have read the other books written by Rebecca Rohman.